Newsletter – October

It’s Harvest season. We are somewhat removed from harvesting because we have machines and other things that do that for us. But here they do not. They come out with their hands and a shovel and do work from sunrise until the sunset. Harvesting marks the end of a growing season, crops are gleaned and left bare for the next stage of the maturation process. It’s a raw, vulnerable time that leaves land naked and just full of seeds. Although it hurts, it’s also a time of celebration and preparation for the next season. It’s a beautiful thing that the Lord throws a part with creation, turning it array of beautiful colors as a big ol’ Fall festival!

The last newsletter ended with me asking for your prayers regarding what is next on the mission field for me, even if that means coming home. I asked for prayer for my past team, for my future team if there was one, and for ministry opportunities even in the “waiting.” It is with great joy, and a bold new caption on this newsletter, that I am happy to tell you about the Lord’s faithful provisions in answering every one of our prayers. Much like harvest, through the raw vulnerability, I am celebrating because I am heading to a new season.

This last month was filled with joy and sorrow. Great sorrow as I said a hard goodbye to my Malagasy family, and great sorrow as I said goodbye to my four team members who had became family here as they returned to their home countries. Tears flooded my eyes knowing that I might not see them or be together with all of them again until heaven. The last two months have been a significant growing season for me, and much like harvest, the crops were gleaned and Toliara was left bare for the next stage that the Lord would have for it in the maturation process. More than I can explain with words, I am so confident knowing that I was exactly where the Lord would have me these last two months in Toliara. My human heart also has great peace in knowing, although I left Toliara, the Lord still has the unreached people of Toliara on His heart as strong as the one wandering sheep, that He would leave everything to go rescue. I’m confident that His plan is greater than my wildest dreams for my Toliara brothers and sisters, and I pray with all my heart that we will all be reunited in heaven and have the biggest fety yet! Until then, I’ll be working on my Malagasy dance moves 🙂

It has definitely been a raw and vulnerable time for me as I transition to a new harvest field. However, much like creations shout of celebratory colors as the weather turns cold and the leaves die to become alive again, I’ve felt deep-seated joy in the Lord’s faithfulness at every single step of my journey. I’m just as confident in Him leading me to Toliara for these past two months as I am confident that He is now leading me to Pande, Tanzania to work with a ministry partner alongside the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania. We will be working under the leadership of the pastor of AIC Tanzania church, Matinya, assisting him with administration of the Christian school that was birthed there called Amani School. We will also be partnering with the church doing outreach to the Digo people. The church and the school are a beacon of light amongst a people group who largely is oppressed by folk-I$lam.

As I begin an unplanned transition, with unplanned flights, accommodations and have also received a new budget for a new country that does put me in the position where I need to begin raising a bit of funds again. However, more importantly, I ask for many prayers for this next month. Please pray for the Harvest, that the soil would be soft and open to receiving us and eventually receiving Jesus as their only Lord and Savior. As Solomon says in Ecclesiastes, for everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven. I pray in these up and coming weeks that there is a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance, that God is gracious enough to use us at all in His beautiful Harvest.


The girls of our team who became great friends


My Malagasy brothers and sisters giving me a good squeeze on the day I left


My team and my Malagasy family as they hosted us for a goodbye lunch


My malagasy Mama and Grandma for life


A traditional goodbye pic (notice how I couldn’t quite figure out the head wrap!)


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Prayer points:

  • For the people of toliara, that the lord would carry to completion the good work he began there
  • For transition, and safe travels
  • For the new harvest of the digo people
  • For rest and rejuvenation physically, spiritually, emotionally, and in all ways

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